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EmuPartners Support

Here at EmuCasino, we appreciate that the world of affiliates can at times be a somewhat bewildering place and as such we look to support our affiliates as best as we can, in order to help you to maximize your potential earnings.

Within our affiliate section we have created these support pages to not only help you get up and running but also cover some of the more commonly asked questions. Although, we are always available to be contacted directly, the information within these pages should answer most questions or queries you many have.

T & C's

Please review our affiliate Terms and Conditions to understand what conditions are expected and should be adhered to, when you become a partner with the EmuCasino affiliate program. When you sign up for an affiliate account with EmuCasino, you agree to the affiliate specific Terms and Conditions, as well as the general EmuCasino Terms and Conditions.


Getting Started

Getting started with EmuCasino is a hassle free, easy process. Within our getting started page is a step-by-step guide to getting set up and on your way to earning some fantastic commissions with the EmuCasino affiliate program. From the initial registration / application stages, to setting up campaigns and banners, all the way through to how we pay you your commission each month.

Getting Started

EmuPartners FAQ's

Most questions regarding our affiliate program are usually pretty similar and shared across other affiliates. As such, we’ve created our FAQs section to cover most of the more commonly asked questions. For any questions that aren’t covered in our FAQs, please use our affiliate contact form (through the Contact Us page) to get in contact with one of our Affiliate team.


Contact Us

Our Affiliate Support Team are here to help you along your entire journey, so feel free to get in contact with us with any comments or questions through our contact form. We’ll get back to you through the means of your choice to answer most questions relating to the program and your account that you might have.

Contact Us