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Affiliate rev-share plans

Commission rates based on Net Revenue

Tier Min Net-rev Max Net-rev Commission %
1 $0 $15,000 25%
2 $15,001 $30,000 30%
3 $30,001 $50,000 35%
4 $50,001 $100,000 40%
5 $100,001 + 45%

Commission rates based on Amount of FTDs

Tier Min FTDs Max FTDs Commission %
1 1 10 25%
2 11 40 30%
3 41 100 35%
4 101 150 40%
5 151 + 45%


Get your slice of the pie when you sign up with the EmuPartners affiliate program! Earn a lifetime commission from all the customers you refer to the EmuPartner brands with no negative carry over and high average life time value from our customers you’re sure to get great value from our exciting and niche Australian themed brands.

What is a rev-share agreement?

Rev share is as it sounds, a commission setup whereby each of our partners that brings us players will receive a set percentage of those players specific net revenue is. 

As an example, if a player was to generate $1,000 of revenue within a month period, if an affiliate was on a 25% rev-share deal, they would be paid 25% of this revenue – so $250. Times this by many players and you can see how this could start generating you some serious income.

Aside from bringing the customer through the door, there is no other ongoing obligation to “manage” this customer by the affiliate, however it is possible to look after and incentivise your players with further offers in conjunction with the EmuPartners affiliate team.

How is your net revenue calculated?

The net revenue of the casino is the earnings from a player’s gameplay, minus our license fee, casino bonuses, jackpot fees, Cashback, banking fees and chargebacks. Please note: Negative results that occur when a player wins, will not carry over from month to month and a clean slate is started each financial month.

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Earn lifetime value on all your referrals. No negative carry over.