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Affiliate Program Migration

EmuCasino Affiliate Program Migration

We will be launching a ‘Re-hatched’ version of EmuCasino to the public on the 17th June 2015.

The site will include a whole host of new features from games, bonuses and promotions to our very own ‘EmuShop’ where players can redeem their loyalty points on cash, free spins, bonuses or other prizes.

As part of this release we will also be upgrading to an all new Affiliate platform, which will move ro sit under the ‘EmuPartners’ brand. The platform will using the tried and tested MyAffiliates software which offers a great range of features.

Please note that any current accounts with the EmuCasino affiliate program will be transferred on the 17th June 2015 to this here, the EmuPartners program.

Get more features, games & reward on the new EmuCasino website!

Get more features, games & reward on the new EmuCasino website!

So how does this affect everything?

For Players


  • All account details and transactional history will be transferred with passwords reset on first login for security
  • No game play history or KYC documents will be transferred

Bonuses and Promotions:

  • The loyalty Cashback program was stopped at the beginning of June and the last payout will be on Friday 5th June
  • All active bonuses will be forfeited prior to the launch and no bonuses will be transferred


  • Players will be encouraged to withdraw their funds prior to the launch, but will be able to make a withdrawal via bank transfer afterwards

We have a full communication schedule with players that also includes a dedicated page with more information. As part of the re-launch we will be running numerous exciting reactivation and retention campaigns for players. These will be announced soon.

For Affiliates


No need to create a new account as all your account details will be transferred with your password reset through the EmuPartners site. Only all-time historical data will be transferred including the below:

  • Bets
  • Gross
  • Deposits
  • Bonus Costs
  • Revenue

Campaigns and tracking:

  • All links and campaigns will be transferred to your new account but we encourage that you check our new media and update your banners
  • All existing players will be transferred to your new account

Balances and Commissions:

  • We encourage affiliates to make a withdrawal for any current commission earnings in your account currently before the launch and as soon as possible
  • You can still request for a bank transfer to withdrawal all funds after re-launch from the old platform
  • Any commissions earned for the month of June 2015 will be transferred to your new account and paid through the EmuPartners
  • Withdrawals can be made on the new platform for all activity from June 2015 onward

For any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our affiliate team for further assistance.