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Embeddable games

Embeddable free play games

One of the best ways to give your customers a preview of the types of games we offer is to embed our games onto your portals. With our main casino product – EmuCasino, we allow all customers to play our casino games for free before having to play with their own money. Now with our affiliate program, you can expand this experience to start outside of the casino and get potential players to try before they buy without even leaving your site!

Let your visitors play free casino games

When your site visitors are able to play games for free, the chances of conversion increase substantially meaning the traffic you send to our brands will ultimately perform better meaning you’ll stand the chance of earning more commission.

Adding High quality media to your site

As most webmasters know, content is king when it comes to SEO and adding different types of rich content and media will bring both a better user experience, more credence to your site and most likely increase the overall stickiness of your site.

How to embed our games?

You can embed all of our games (excluding jackpots) onto most HTML sites by simply embedding a simple iframe within the code of your site in an appropriate place. You then use the media tool to update the iframe code to include:

  • The game of your choice
  • The game width of your choice (the game scales accordingly)
  • Your unique affiliate tracking code embedded

Once you’ve signed up for an account with the EmuPartners affiliate program, you’ll be able to access all assets including the embeddable game function that with the bespoke tool, you’ll be able to easily create the code that allows you to simply embed the code without actually knowing how to code.

How does the games looks?

On the side we’ve given an example of how an embedded game looks when embedded on a 3rd party site, yours would appear exactly the same, however you get to choose the overall size although the aspect ratio will remain fixed.

Screenshot of how an embedded games can look in your site.

Screenshot of how an embedded games can look in your site.