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EmuPartner Banners

With a wide range of marketing tools and banners to make your life a whole lot easier, with a host of different banners to choose from in both different styles and sizes. Our library ranges from small thumbnail banners at 120 x 60 all the way up to skyscraper sized 160 x 600 column banners.

Below are some examples of the sorts of styles of banner that we are currently marketing EmuPartners with.

Beside the English banners, we also offer banners in Swedish language. Below are some examples of the Swedish language banners.

How to use our banners

As soon as you’ve signed up for the EmuPartners affiliate program you’ll be able to access all the marketing tools on offer, including our excellent range of banners which can also be used within an email campaign. Using and setting up our banners is straight forward and easy to do, using our campaign generator tool that allows you to easily embed our banners onto your site. Once logged into the EmuPartners site, simply go to the campaign tab and select the “create new campaign” button.

Types of banners available

We offer a wide range of banners both in different sizes as well as different styles and selling edges. No matter the type of site you run, we’re pretty sure that you’ll find a banner that will suit placement on it. Ranging from slick contemporary designs to traditional Vegas style, we’re sure that you’ll find something suitable for your site and if not, there’s always the potential that for super affiliates, we’re also able to build customised banners that specifically fit into your site (within the Emu brand guidelines) – subject to certain performance related metrics being meet.

Tracking with EmuPartner banners

With our campaign tool, when you set up a campaign using the EmuPartners platform, you’ll be supplied with a unique affiliate code that ensures that all players that you refer to our brands are correctly attributed to your account from the moment they sign up, meaning that you start earning commission as soon as they start to play. With a robust, tried and tested platform powered by MyAffiliates, you can rest assured that when you promote the EmuPartners brands, all of your referred players will be tracked accordingly.