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EmuPartners promotions

We value our affiliate partners and understand that they’re a key part of acquiring customers to our brands, however we also know that with so many programs to choose from, who all offer the same thing, what makes our program stand out from the rest?

They’re plenty of programs out there which offer interesting incentives to get their partners more involved with promoting their program, however what do good affiliate partners really actually want?

We’re very much open to ideas however we run regular promotions for our partners that allow them to get involved with how our products are promoted and run incentives such as:

  • Cash bonuses for affiliates which deliver the most depositing customers within a month
  • Max commission for 1 month if set number of depositing customer met
  • Random prize draws for top affiliates
  • Win all exclusive paid holidays to fabulous locations
  • Plus much more

So what promotions can you get as a new affiliates joining the EmuPartners affiliate program?

EmuPartners casino affiliate program re-launch promotion

As part of our re-launch promotional offer, we’re offering all of our new affiliates a great incentive to sign up with one of the best affiliate programs – EmuPartners.

When you signup with EmuPartners, you’ll be able to start promoting and earning commission from the best Australian online casino – EmuCasino.

So who qualifies for this?

All new affiliates will qualify for a special commission rate which is applicable as default:

  • 60% commission for the 1st month
  • 50% commission for the 2nd month
  • Following this period, back to the normal commission plan
  • Commission ranging up to 45%

What about existing affiliates?

But what about affiliate partners who’ve been promoting us for the last couple of years, surely they deserve something too? Yep, we couldn’t agree more!

As such, if you’re an existing partner who’s been actively promoting us, get in contact with your affiliate account manager and we’ll see what we can do to give you a real revenue push to that

When does this promo offer begin and end?

Starting from the beginning of August 2014, any new affiliate who signs up within this timeframe will qualify to be part of this bonus for two months until the end of September 2014.

First Time Depositor (FTD) bonus

We’re giving you the opportunity to earn up to 60% commission for the first 2 months, then 55% for the 3rd and 50% for the 4th.

For any affiliate that brings in more than 40 FTD’s within their first month, as a further incentive, we’ll continue the initial 60% commission rate for the following month. Get a further 40 FTD’s in the second month and we’ll give you 55% commission rate for your 3rd month!

  • This then means you still be earning the promotional income of 50% in your 4th month.
  • After this maximum commission period, commission plans return to the normal commission rates up to 45%