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Why Choose EmuPartners

So why choose EmuPartners?

With so many different affiliate programs to choose from, knowing which one to choose can be a difficult decision especially if all of them offer much the same thing as each other. Although most programs claim it, we do believe that the EmuPartner program stands apart from the rest, this is due to the brands and products we push, which we believe are unique, fun and exciting and add a level of brand allegiance and loyalty from customers that other brands fail to bring.

Great brands and products

We truly believe that the brands that we offer within the EmuPartners program have a certain unique appeal to them, both from a brand and aesthetic perspective but also in terms of the available functions and overall user experience, that puts them ahead of the competition.

Powerful affiliate software

With a whole host of great features to choose from with tried and tested affiliate software that allows a whole host of different functions to choose from you can rest assured that however you like to run your campaigns with your operator partners, you’ll be able to do what you want.

Excellent commission returns

With a competitive and flexible range of ways for affiliates to earn commission with life time rev-share commissions ranging from 25% all the way up to 40% you’re guaranteed to earn your fair share. With CPA deals also available or even a combination of both, with hybrid deals also possible.

Great communication and support

Our affiliate team are attentive and pride themselves on their good and timely communication skills. We do our best to help out our affiliates whenever we can and go the extra mile when it comes to helping new partners get set up and started for the first time with our program.

Solid and well established

EmuPartners parent company was first established in 2011 by a group of entrepreneurs who had been working within the industry for many years and with some substantial financial backing, launched their first brand back in 2012.

Secure, reliable and fast payments

Our infrastructure is set up securely so only you can access your account and information. Our robust affiliate software is guaranteed to attribute the players you send accurately and reliably without failure, to your account. We also pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time when paying commissions.

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Lifetime commission. No hidden fees.